3 connected objects for a more restful office

16/04/2018 - 04h24

Connected objects are all around us today. At home, with home automation, when you play sports, with wearables, when you have a coffee with your colleagues. But what about in the office? Rest assured, your workspace has become the new target for these little technological powerhouses.

Find out more about 3 objects set to make your office more connected (and relaxing).

The connected mug: just your cup of tea

The human body needs 1.5 litres of water per day to promote good health. But how can we make sure we stay properly hydrated when work is so hectic? The company Linkoo looked into this problem and came up with the Smart Cup, a mug connected to your smartphone that measures how much water you drink. It’s up to you now to meet your targets!

The Smart Cup also measures the temperature of the drink. A very important feature if you are a great tea lover!

The connected thermometer: it’s in the bag!    

Open plan offices, relatively vast areas in some cases, can show great variations in temperature between settings. To stop you catching a cold and to prevent any malfunction, the ThermoPeanut thermometer from Sen is an ideal solution. Connected to your smartphone, this tiny 4 cm device does more than simply measure the temperature. It also indicates your ideal temperature and sends you alerts if a certain threshold is exceeded.

Another feature is the option of linking your connected thermometer to several smartphones and tablets, to allow collective management of the temperature in your workspace.

The connected lamp: let there be light

Would you like to adjust the lighting at your desk to suit your mood? The ColorLight lamp from Colorblock offers a wide spectrum of colours, allowing you to alternate warm and cold shades (7 set colours). Everything is controlled remotely by a very discreet white box.

And if you feel like adding some atmosphere to your office, you can transform your lamp into a 5W speaker! This allows you to stream your music via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet over a radius of 10 metres.

So, what connected office object will be your must-have item?