Give your mobile a second chance by bringing it back to the shop

28/10/2020 - 08h57

Press Release  

Luxembourg, 27 october 2020


As part of its commitment to the environment, Orange is making the general public aware of a simple gesture: bring your phone back to the shop to give it a second life and do something for the planet.

The environmental impact of a phone is 75% generated by its manufacture and it has been shown that every year, many phones end their life at the bottom of the drawer. In order to empower everyone to take action for the planet and reduce the environmental impact of their phones, Orange is launching a vast awareness campaign.

As a result, each customer can benefit from savings of up to 400€ on the purchase of a new mobile by bringing their old phone to the shop. This can then be an opportunity to change mobile phones, and why not opt for the new iPhone 12, which is compatible with the Orange mobile plans that have recently become 5G Ready, without any price increase. Bringing your phone back to the shop is a boost for the planet, but also a boost for your wallet and an opportunity to treat yourself to new innovative devices.

The fight against global warming is an everyday challenge. This operation is part of a more global approach. As part of the Commitment 2025 strategic plan, Orange has made strong commitments, guided by social and environmental exemplarity. The Orange Group has the ambition to anticipate the GSMA's objectives by 10 years by achieving "net zero carbon" by 2040.

Corinne Lozé, CEO of Orange Luxembourg comments: "In 10 years, we have already collected more than 6,000 mobiles that were sleeping at the bottom of our customers' drawers and we intend to extend this action. This action of taking back old mobiles also allows us to support our customers in the purchase of new mobiles, compatible with the new uses of 5G, while making savings and doing something for the environment."

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