Discover Arnaud Closson's testimony

16/04/2018 - 02h51

Glanzstoff-Textilcord, based in Steinfort since 1965, is an industrial site manufacturing textile reinforcements for tyres, and has belonged to the Indorama Ventures group based in Bangkok (Thailand) since May 2017. With 150 employees, the company's turnover is approximately 50€ M, supplying its products to the key tyre manufacturers on a global level.







Mr Closson

CEO Groupe Glanzstoff


Why did you choose an Orange convergent solution?
Glanzstoff-Textilcord is an industrial site manufacturing textile reinforcements for tyres, whose production facilities extend over 22,000 m2. As such, our colleagues regularly need to travel across the site, which requires adapted and flexible communication technology, while ensuring quality and continuity of service (voice and data).

What has that changed in the day-to-day operations of your company? 
The installation of optic fibre improves the stability of our internal systems (ERP, messaging, communication) facilitating the wireless mobility of data on our site. FEMTO technology has made it possible to optimise mobile telephone communications between the different departments. Finally, the Orange convergent solution has enabled us to best adapt our expenses according to specific requirements.

How do you see your company evolving towards an increasingly digitised environment? 
For us, digitisation is an opportunity that will allow us to improve our manufacturing process, whether that is in the planning of production tools, the management of predictive maintenance, the monitoring and traceability of production flows, the optimisation of our process data and the development of new products. Rather than replacing human activity, digital will be an essential connection for our collaborators. Our internal systems and production and communication tools will be increasingly connected. Orange Luxembourg is a suitable partner to support us through this transformation.