Orange Luxembourg innovates

09/12/2015 - 11h07

Press Release                                                                

Bertrange, December 7th 2015


For the first time in Europe: Orange Luxembourg innovates by allowing continuous mobile communications while passing the border between Belgium and Luxembourg. 

Orange Luxembourg introduces today an innovation on their network which allows all customers commuting between Luxembourg and Belgium to cross the border between the two countries without having an interruption in their mobile communications. A very useful service for commuters and travelers who will now see their communication comfort improve considerably . Mobistar and Orange Luxembourg are , in addition, the first European operator to offer this service to their customers.

While crossing the border, mobile phone calls are interrupted as soon as the device loses the signal of the home network. Customers must then wait for their phone to connect to a local network before they  initiate the call again. Through technical innovation implemented on the  mobile networks of Orange Luxembourg and  Mobistar, changing networks between Luxembourg and Belgium will now be done during the call  and the conversation is not interrupted anymore. This service is open in both directions Luxembourg- Belgium and Belgium -Luxembourg.

The tariff applicable to the entire call is provided by the operator on which the call was initiated; it will remain valid until the conversation is ended in the other country. Thus a call started  in Luxembourg by an Orange customer who travels to Belgium while being in conversation is charged as a national rate until the end of the conversation , even if it ends in Belgium. In this case, for customers who have a subscription plan with national calls included , these conversations are included in the package and do not generate additional costs.

This innovation is very attractive for Belgian border hoppers at first , they now avoid roaming charges when they cross the border while in conversation. There is no change for the calls initiated from Luxembourg , the roaming tariff plan remains applicable, however, many customers have roaming calls included in their Orange offers. Building on this success , Orange Luxembourg is already looking to expand this innovative technology to other countries.

Orange reminds that mobile conversations while driving are dangerous and punished by law;  though passengers see their communication comfort greatly improved, drivers must continue to rely on "hand - free" systems.

 "At the forefront of mobile network technology , Orange Luxembourg meets a strong customer expectation through this innovation: unmatched communication comfort while crossing the border with Belgium without additional roaming costs . This service is for free and completes the European " Intense " packages, which are precursors in Europe as well" explains Jean Christophe Bayet , Networks & Systems Director at Orange Communications Luxembourg SA

About Orange in Luxembourg

Orange Communications Luxembourg SA is a telecommunications operator offering mobile , fixed , Internet and cable TV and is active on the luxembourgish market since May 2004. Orange Communications Luxembourg SA provides services to residential and business customers . Orange Communications Luxembourg SA is a 100% subsidiary of Mobistar , an operator in Belgium.