Werner De Laet, Orange Luxembourg’s CEO, appointed Chief B2B, Wholesale and Innovation Officer at Orange Belgium.

16/11/2018 - 09h33

Press Release 

Bertrange, November 15th, 2018

Werner De Laet, Orange Luxembourg’s CEO, appointed Chief B2B, Wholesale and Innovation Officer at Orange Belgium.

Orange Belgium's Board of Directors has validated the nomination of Werner De Laet, CEO of Orange Luxembourg as Chief B2B, Wholesale and Innovation Officer, starting January 1st, 2019.

After 6 years of continuous growth of market shares and businesses in Luxembourg , a very high broadband 4G+ quality network, the launch of several innovations in Mobile, TV and fiber, pioneering on new services and offers, always customer oriented, Werner De Laet is called back from Orange Belgium.

Gathering B2B, Wholesale and innovation under one single management will allow Orange Belgium to support the strategic priorities, focusing the enterprise market, in particular the further development of convergent and ICT services for B2B, as well as the development of Internet of Things. Werner De Laet will replace Ingrid Gonnissen and the new organisation will be put in place as from January 1st.

Werner de Laet will continue to be at the heart of Luxembourg activities as the Chairman of the Orange Luxembourg board. A recruitment procedure for a new CEO will be launched and in the meantime, Thierry Iafrate, CMO will act as CEO ad interim to ensure a good continuity of the moves done this last years to sustain the growth of Orange Luxembourg.

Michaël Trabbia, CEO of Orange Belgium, declared: "Thanks to Werner’s extensive experience and knowledge of the ICT sector, he will be of great value for the further development of our activities on the enterprise market. I would like to thank Ingrid for her unwavering commitment since 2016 to serve our B2B customers and in particular for the crucial role she played in strengthening our sales channels, the collaboration with the Orange Group and the substantial improvement of our B2B results."

Regarding his nomination, Werner De Laet declared: "Thanks to the excellence of our 4G and mobile IoT network and the adoption of Unlimited in the business offers, we’ve got all the cards in hand to offer attractive and innovative services for our business customers. Our attention will focus particularly on developing our convergent and ICT services, as well as the Internet of Things offers for our business customers, building the relevant synergies to leverage the improvements in Belgium and in Luxembourg."

About Orange Luxembourg (OLU)

Orange Communications Luxembourg is a fully convergent Telco operator providing mobile, fixed-line as well as very high broadband internet via fiber or coax and IP or coax cable television services for residential and professional market in Luxembourg. The company is wholly owned by Orange Belgium. Orange Belgium is one of the main players in the telecommunications field in Belgium. Orange Belgium is 52.9% owned by Orange Group.