Orange Luxembourg: The most innovative thing about 5G is what we'll do with it

02/02/2021 - 09h00


Orange Luxembourg’s 5G completes the existing networks in order to accompany everyone in the evolution of its uses.

The performance brought by 5G must be useful and serve new uses/needs: The most innovative thing about 5G is what we'll do with it.

This is what the new Orange Luxembourg advertising film seeks to show. In this commercial we follow a fictional class trip in a museum where everything becomes possible. With the spontaneity of their age, children interact with the building, the rooms, and the works of art. Everything comes alive around them by mixing the real and the imaginary. An opportunity for us to discuss how 5G deeply enriches the universe of education. Thanks to 5G, children discover the museum as if they were really there and live a more immersive experience.

Education is one of many areas in which 5G brings benefits. Orange Luxembourg is also highlighting the benefits that 5G offers to both companies and the general public in fields as health, industry, smart cities, transport and entertainment.





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