What should I do if I receive a fraudulent SMS?

19/10/2016 - 02h29

Dear clients, 

Do you sometimes receive unwanted SMS’s or calls on your mobile phone coming from unknown numbers? They might be mobile spam.

Mobile spam is the abusive and repeated reception of unwanted SMS’s generated by malicious networks. It most often takes the form of an SMS or MMS designed to arouse your curiosity, with messages such as: "Hi there, it’s me! I’m still waiting for your call. Please call me back on 08…". This operation is intended to cause you to reply to the message. They are in fact premium numbers.

We kindly advise you not to make contact (whether by calling or replying to the text message) so as not to be in for rude awakening when opening your mobile phone bill.

You can help us to fight against spam by reporting to Orange the number(s) which these text messages came from by means of the form available on our website – Click here>

We will do our utmost to block these numbers.

Many thanks for your help,

The Orange team