4 accessories to improve your smartphone photos

25/01/2018 - 05h05

What’s the secret behind a successful photo? A good photo sensor, obviously, but also a range of accessories derived from professional photography. This small selection will get you amazing results.

1.  The Bluetoooth flash
No, your smartphone's flash isn’t powerful enough to light up a complete scene from a distance. All you get are washed-out faces. Luckily for you, we’ve tracked down the iBlazr 2, a module that’s been around for two years already. This crowdfunded product has the advantage of being Bluetooth and compatible with both iPhone and Android. Just press a button to trigger the flash. You can also vary the temperature of the lighting. iBlazr alternates cold and warm LEDs to adapt to any type of situation. Via the app, you can also manage several flashes of the same brand. Sophisticated and professional!
Its price: Around 50€    

2. The trigger
This little beauty can be found (almost anywhere) online for under 7€! The CamKix Bluetooth trigger is ideal when your smartphone is programmed, fixed and you want it to take a photo without having to tap the screen (as far as 10 metres away!). Compatible with Android and iPhone, it's small enough to carry around on your keyring. Ideal for selfies!

3. A tripod
While recent smartphones may boast optical stabilisation, when it comes to capturing a still scene, the tripod really is the photographer’s best friend. Take your pick among a whole bunch of them online. Some are even large (although you'll also find more discreet models to put on a desk, for example): and available from 15€ online. Type "smartphone tripod" in your search engine to see for yourself. There’s no shortage of brands: Rhodesy, Fotopro, Dezuo, etc.

4. Lenses
Lenses make it possible to generate special effects: zoom, wide-angle, fish-eye, macro. However, do your research according to your smartphone brand and model, because not all lenses work on all sensors and sometimes the results are not very professional. The Olloclip lenses are sold by Apple and considered to be compatible. Brands like CamKix or Aukey offer models for Android. Always check that your model and OS are supported before buying!