Orange launches its first Smart Store, October 26

25/10/2017 - 03h25

Press Release 

Bertrange, October 25th, 2017

Orange launches its first Smart Store, October 26 in the new Opkorn mall in Differdange.

An interactive, cozy and digital store builds to encourage the discovery of new offers, services and technologies. It is the first Smart Store in Orange Luxembourg. 

More than a store, the Orange Smart Store is a complete transformation of the approach customers in point of sale. The friendly end welcoming atmosphere allows customer to feel at home in order to project themselves into its uses in everyday life, thanks to interactivity.  Everything has been planned to make the Smart Store a different place, an invitation to experiment, open areas which arouse curiosity and encourage the discovery.  

 The Smart Store is modern and trendy but the main purpose is to discover and test the product or solution which fits the best to you.  It is a friendly and customized approach with a very high level of service.  Upon entering the new Orange shop, customers have an easy access to experimental spaces like network and devices in the space "on the move", Fiber and TV in the space "at home", multimedia content in the space "Fun" and obviously well trained and dedicated shops advisors.

 It’s a place where, customer designed offers and products are presented in a tailor-made approach which makes sense from the customer point of view. It’s a place where customer feel comfortable, like at home: everything is at the right place with an easy access to all they need, like staying connected to their relatives, discover new TV channels or enjoy video content and games.

 The Smart Store was designed to limit its environmental impact, from the choice of the wooden certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), to eco-material, paint up to LED-type lighting consistent with energy consumption.  

"Our world is becoming more connected, digital uses are being diversified and we are all willing to discover and understand these technologies that facilitate our daily lives. Therefore Orange Smart Store copes perfectly well with our priority: Provide our customers an unmatchable experience" quote Mustapha Rahem , distribution manager within Orange Luxembourg.


About Orange Luxembourg

Orange Communications Luxembourg S.A. is a fully integrated telecoms operator that offers fixed and mobile telephone, fixed high-speed and mobile internet, smart home solutions and television services for the B2B and B2C markets in Luxembourg. Orange Luxembourg S.A. supplies telecommunications services for residential and professional markets and for large company accounts. This company is a 100% subsidiary of Orange Belgium and has operated in the Luxembourg telecommunications market since May 2004.