A smartphone with menus in Luxembourgish

23/04/2015 - 05h18

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                                                                                      Bertrange, 23 April 2014

Orange is working with two young people from Luxembourg to offer a smartphone with menus in Luxembourgish.

After launching Elo last February, an offer dedicated purely to use in Luxembourg, Orange is echoing this with a very Luxembourgian initiative from Michel Weimerskirch, developer of the online correction project Spellchecker.lu and Edson Souza Morais, author and proofreader on Luxembourgish Wikipedia.

Menus in Luxembourgish: To make this exploit possible, the two talented young men have used CyanogenMod based on the latest version of Android, Lollipop 5.0, to translate the interface into Luxembourgish during their spare time. Motivated by promotion of the Luxembourgish language, they want to show that Luxembourgish can be integrated into complex and technical devices. Their aim: to help technophobes to overcome the potential difficulties of using a smartphone with menus in foreign languages, but also to benefit people learning Luxembourgish as they use their mobile phones from day-to-day. The system includes a plug-in, developed by Michel, to write words in Luxembourgish with Android's Swype keyboard "without lifting a finger" and to correct them if necessary, never before seen in the Luxembourgish language!

As installing this system is difficult and can only be done by computer-literate users, Orange naturally offered the help of its "Orange experts" to replace the original operating system with the Luxembourgish operating system. A Galaxy S4 black Edition smartphone is already available on Orange with this system. Not all smartphones allow their operating systems to be changed, but according to the "Orange experts" test results, the list of compatible smartphones is only going to increase as demand increases.

"We are happy that Orange Luxembourg is supporting our effort to make our translation CyanogenMod accessible to people" say Michel Weimerskirch and Edson Souza Morais

"Promoting the emergence of talents and initiatives in IT is only natural for a telecommunications provider like Orange. Captivated by this Luxembourg initiative for Luxembourgers, Orange unsurprisingly wanted to participate in supporting this initiative. It is with great delight that we have taken the time to run tests, because installing the system is complex, so we can offer a solution which meets the expectations of our customers. We wish these two young men good luck in their promising futures," comments Vito Marinelli, Manager of "Orange Experts" at Orange Luxembourg SA



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