Orange will apply the new European roaming regulation as of 1 May

13/04/2017 - 02h40

Communiqué de presse

Bertrange, 11 April 2017

Orange will apply the new European roaming regulation as of 1 May and will not increase the price of its mobile plans.

As of 1 May 2017, all Orange customers and all new customers will automatically benefit from the new European roaming regulation, with no extra action required. They can now enjoy a larger mobile Internet allowance when roaming and keep the same Internet allowance in Luxembourg, all at the same price!

With the new European roaming regulation, the end of roaming is near. Customers can now enjoy ‘Roam like at home’ plans that allow them to roam in Europe with no additional costs. So from now on, using the Internet in Luxembourg or in another EU country will cost the same price.

MEPs have implemented several exceptions. Firstly, the volume used must remain within a reasonable proportion between national and European use. Next, to acquire a SIM card and use it without additional costs, the customer must live, study or work in Luxembourg. The concept of "stable links" was introduced in the regulation.

 Orange Luxembourg will thus offer a generous roaming allowance in Europe: "Roam like at home", in its mobile plans from 1 May 2017, without increasing monthly rates and without reducing the mobile Internet allowance. This means that customers who mostly use their mobile Internet allowance in Luxembourg will not be worse off. The Europe area considered by Orange is still the extended area implemented in 2014, which also includes Switzerland.

 All Orange customers will automatically benefit from the new regulation and will see this directly in their "MyOrange" app which keeps track of their usage. Customers with older mobile plans will enjoy the same advantages as of 1 June, with the cut-off date imposed by the European regulation set at 14 June 2017.

 Orange Luxembourg hasn't forgotten its customers who only use their mobiles in Luxembourg. National mobile plans are also available. It’s important to remember that these plans cannot be used in Europe, and are blocked once you cross the border. As for prepaid plans, the Luxembourgish card ‘Moien’ and the Luxembourg and Europe card ‘Hello’ already exist.

"We didn't want to use this opportunity to increase our customers’ tariffs, and this isn’t the point of this new European regulation. However, many of our customers have told us that they want to keep their large allowance in Luxembourg, which is why we haven't changed our plans. In fact, the average usage when roaming is much lower than the allowance offered in our plans. Luxembourg remains our priority, even though we have already shown that we offer our customers a good roaming deal, for example with our extended Europe area since 2014. Who better than an international group like Orange to offer roaming throughout Europe?" asks Thierry Lafrate, CMO Orange Luxembourg.


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