Orange presents LOVE

05/04/2017 - 10h21

Press release

Bertrange, March 21st 2017

Orange presents LOVE: a convergent offer with TV, mobile plan, fibre broadband and landline, with unmatched customer support

Orange today unveils its LOVE concept with the message "all you need is LOVE" to support its convergent positioning in Luxembourg. LOVE enables customers to access what is essential to them: To be connected to high speed internet through fibre, have fun and learn with TV and talk to their relatives via mobile and landline.

Multiple-play offers are more and more available in Luxembourg and are often perceived as complicated by customers. Reported concerns include complex connections, set-up fees and waiting times.

With LOVE, customers can now access the Internet on all their home devices from day one of their subscription, thanks to Orange's 4G/4G+. In addition, the fibre connection charges to the home are included. There are no additional costs (if eligible).

Connections are made either by fibre or coaxial cable depending on eligibility, but in both cases Orange and its Luxembourg partners ensure that the maximum high-speed internet connection indicated is the same, whatever the connection type. With LOVE, the internet comes in 3 maximum download speeds: 30 MB/s, 100 MB/s and 200 MB/s. 

With the ever-increasing use of smartphones, a "basic" mobile subscription is no longer enough. It is therefore essential to provide complete mobile connectivity for customers even in a convergent offer. That's why LOVE includes from the outset a mobile offer with calls, texts and mobile internet in Luxembourg and Europe. Customers can also choose a smartphone from any brand or range - they are all compatible with the various offers.

LOVE also includes a TV offering, with more than 110 channels and optional packages to meet the needs of the whole family. A family well looked after, as a discount is applied for every extra additional mobile connection.

To provide unparalleled customer support, Orange goes even further. Activation and installation of the TV connection are carried out free of charge by experts. Customers can even choose a TV from the Orange range and have it delivered in their living room during the installation for a flat fee of €50.

"With listening-responding, we put the customer at the heart of our Essential 2020 strategy.
Having listened to the needs of our customers in terms of convergent services, we have chosen to launch LOVE. LOVE is a tailored response to the concerns of our clients, anxious to reduce their installation costs to be connected to high speed internet. The addition of a complete mobile package also allows the family to stay in touch in Luxembourg and Europe, without surprises. We are proud of this approach and this new LOVE concept" says Werner De Laet, CEO of Orange Luxembourg.

About Orange in Luxembourg

Orange Communications Luxembourg S.A. is a telecommunications operator offering mobile, landline, internet and TV through cable or internet. It has been operational under this brand name on the Luxembourg market since May 2004. Orange Communications Luxembourg S.A. offers services to both residential and professional customers. Orange Communications S.A. Luxembourg is a 100% subsidiary of Orange Belgium, the operator present in Belgium.