Information on European regulation

04/04/2016 - 05h56

The European regulation IV on "roaming" becomes effective on April 30th 2016 and will end on June 14th 2017. It allows to use the national units, included in the Luxembourgish subscriptions, also in 38 countries of Europe. The new rules foresee a surcharge on  the national units used in Europe during that period. In order to comply to the European regulation, Orange will apply the following charges including VAT for the services used while roaming in Europe: € 0.0585 per minute for the calls made, € 0.0133 per minute for incoming calls, € 0.0234 per SMS and € 0.0585 per MB.

To protect its customers against bill surprises, Orange provides three solutions:
Roaming units already included in the subscription: like "Hello Europe Easy" or "Hello Europe Star"; no surcharge applies to those units until they are fully consumed. The roaming units are available and renewed every month at no additional cost for the duration of the subscription.
Same service charges, applicable in 42 European countries: using the Orange prepaid card, or with the subscriptions Welcome, Intense light, Intense and Intense max.
Travel packs for 42 European countries: daily, weekly or monthly options, responding to every customer’s needs and accessible via a simple SMS  (see our page > Roaming and international) or via the My Orange application ( Those packs guarantee roaming rates lower than the ones imposed by the roaming regulation.