5 trends from the CES in Las Vegas

25/01/2018 - 06h08

This is the first big geek show of the year and it didn’t disappoint. This is what caught our attention in the aisles. Get ready to be amazed! 

An avalanche of connected speakers
LG announces the ThinQ Speaker. This speaker doesn’t just promise an exceptional sound, but also embeds the Google assistant. It is the heart of the connected home. To make it speak, just say "Ok Google, pass me LG"!

The car that reads your mind
The brainchild of Nissan. The manufacturer is unveiling its Brain-to-Vehicle (B2V) technology. By analysing your face and behaviour, the system can predict your actions and trigger commands before you think about them, for added security. Example: emergency braking. Impressive, isn’t it?

Your TV is no longer in 4K, but in 8K
Here again, LG is a step, leap and a jump ahead. Now that OLED technology equips all high-end models, you have to think even bigger. This is the case with a huge 88 inch television (we’re talking more than 2 metres diagonally!) with a definition of 8K. That means 7680 x 4320 pixels. The only problem: everyone hasn’t switched over to 4K yet, but the results are amazing.

Oh, but it's the return of the Psion!
In a way, yes, the company London Planet Computershas (finally) unveiled its Gemini, a personal assistant which looks like the Psion of the mid-90s, but with a more modern operating system (either Linux or Android).   On the menu: a keyboard, Wi-Fi, 4G in a mini size of 17 cm by 8 for a grand total of 320 grammes. Yours for 350€.

The Internet of Things ... and Skin
According to Neutrogena. In partnership with the company Fitskin, the cosmetics brand has created a scanner that is placed on the camera of your smartphone. Via an application, the scanner analyses your skin and delivers its results. The Skin360 app gives you beauty tips ... or advises you on products that fit your skin type. In beauty institutes near you soon!