On the move

My mobile switches to very high debit with Orange's 4G/4G+

  • with a compatible device I access a network 15 times faster than under 3G+
  • I view, download and share as fast as at home
  • I take a maximum of advantage of services that change my everyday life

4G is the name for the fourth generation of mobile networks. It follows 3G which has appeared some ten years ago. Every generation enhancing the performances, Orange's 4G allows surfing the internet 10 times faster than under 3G+ with a theoretical maximum throughput of 150 Mbit/s*. With 4G, you surf on the move as fast as at home!

Orange intensifies its coverage in city centre with high density and increases its speed through 4G+ up to a theoretical maximum throughput of 225Mbit/s*

*under 4G and 4G+ coverage, with compatible tariff plans and equipment


The Orange's H+: the level of high debit

This evolution of Orange's network allows you to surf 3 times faster than under 3G+ with a theoretical maximum throughput of 42 Mbit/s for more navigation comfort and faster downloads.


Orange's 3G and 3G+

The 3G+ mobile network allows you to access internet on your mobile and to phone in high definition with compatible devices, with a theoretical maximum throughput of 14 Mbit/s . 



I compare throughputs

I download a game of 52 MB

I download an episode of a TV serie of 350 MB

I download a movie in HD of 1,5 GB


Map of the coverage of Orange's mobile network

Discover the areas covered by Orange's mobile network with 4G, H+, 3G+ and 2G.



    Always connected with Orange

         4G+         95.7% of the population covered

         4G             97.9% of the population covered

         3G+/ H+  99.1% of the population covered

         2G/3G      99.9% of the population covered



   December 2018





Everyday network monitoring

Orange monitors its networks around the clock, all week long and informs you immediatly of incidents affecting the correct functioning of your services on our website orange.lu.