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Orange, a digital and human employer


At Orange, our customers are at the heart of our strategy. We want to offer them an incomparable experience. We are only able to fulfil this ambition thanks to the talent, skills and commitment of our colleagues.

Orange wants to be a digital and human employer and, in this sense, has laid the new foundations for the relationship between the company and its employees. This is a fundamental element of our strategic plan. Orange therefore commits to each of its colleagues with a unique, simple and firm promise: the promise of being a digital and human employer.
Digital : in an ever evolving digital world, digital media offers a great opportunity to simplify employee relationships, and in the same way that Orange wants to simplify customer relationships: transforming working methods to increase autonomy and collaboration.
Human : Orange places humans at the heart of its projects. For Orange, being a human employer means remaining close to their colleagues and taking care of each of them to guarantee their quality of life at work and to allow them to take the reins of their own development.
Unique : Orange prend en compte la situation et l’histoire de chaque travailleur, et fait de leur diversité un levier de progrès et d’intelligence collective.





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