A matter of SAR

There is nothing simpler than knowing your level of exposure to waves: watch your phone SAR!

During your last visit in the store, you may have noticed the acronym "SAR ", attached to a figure, on the labels of the mobile phones, without knowing what it meant. It is the Specific Energy Absorption Rate (SAR).


What does it measure?

The SAR quantifies the maximum level of exposure to radio waves coming from a mobile phone. Indeed, mobile phones work thanks to radio waves, just as televisions or radios do. When you make or receive a call, your mobile establishes a radio link with the nearest relay-antenna by issuing and receiving waves. A small part of them is absorbed by your body, and it is precisely this energy that the SAR measures in Watt/kg).


What is the recommended limit?

The ICNIRP, an international commission recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), recommends that the power absorbed by the head of the mobile phone user does not exceed 2W/kg). This limit is based on a thorough evaluation of scientific data. 

Good to know: all mobiles marketed by Orange respect this limit value.


What is the SAR of your mobile phone?

To find this information, visit the mobile phones Catalog part of this website, select your phone and then look in the specifications.