Hi 5G!



Hi Luxembourg!
Hi 5G!

Orange Luxembourg's 5G technology help you explore the world faster than ever before.
Enjoy high speed online browsing, very stable connections in crowded areas and also a new experience in VR content playback and high resolution gaming.
Your apps, websites and smart devices at home are accessible almost instantaneously.



Orange Luxembourg's 5G support you in changing uses and developing new useful services in addition to existing networks

Speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G
More people
Optimally connected
More connected objects
Billions of connected objects
More reactive
Almost real-time response for online gaming and, in future, to control autonomous cars
More environmentally friendly
Reduced costs and energy consumption



Hi Smartphone!
Hi 5G!

Discover all the 5G phones
available from Orange Luxembourg.



5G compatible smartphones to suit every budget.

With Orange Reprise, Orange Luxembourg will take back your smartphone and give it a second life. The time has come to move to 5G!

Recycle your former smartphones for voucher.

savings on your new mobile.
Orange Reprise



Hi new features.
Hi 5G!

5G absorb the exponential growth in mobile traffic and pave the way for a wide range of applications by improving mobile speeds and connection quality. It also provide a response for the needs of the Internet of Things which interconnect billions of devices and serve as the foundation for the innovations of tomorrow.




Hi same-price plans!
Hi 5G!

5G in included in all Orange plans without any price increase.

Plans adapted to your own lifestyle and needs