Why Orange?

Present everywhere in the country

16 shops are spread all over the territory of Luxembourg. Orange innovated when installing service spaces, animated by our experts, highly qualified personnel able to accompany you in your digital life, be it to get started or for troubleshooting. Espaces Pro places have also been set up to welcome business clients, the personnel of these shops will provide customised advice and will submit a complete proposal fitting your needs, your expectations and your budget.

Assistance day by day

Orange Tranquility: with Orange Tranquility you'll never be without a mobile phone. When yours is broken we'll provide a smartphone for the time yours will be repared.

You've got new mobile equipment? Relax, our experts will configure your smartphone or tablet in the shop, you'll be able to send and receive emails, download your favourite apps and surf the internet.

Customer service: Take advantage of a turnkey service and guidance in your digital life with the advisor in one of our service spaces in Luxembourg.

Orange Assurance: The multiproduct insurance against damage and theft. Don't fprget to protect the mobiles, tablets and laptops of your household with the "Orange Assurance" solutions.

Portability of your phone number: Choose Orange and keep your old mobile phone number, it's simple, we take care of everything and it's free of charge.

Take advantage of the most recent networks, like 4G

Third operator to enter the Grand-Duchy, Orange has engaged since 2009 a process of permanent improvement of its networks. Continous investments have allowed to catch up with the other operators in Luxembourg and even to head the competition when it comes to new generation networks, particularly 4G.

2G networks carry mainly voice communication, 3G is needed for mobile internet. 4G allows highspeed internet, while voice communication remains on the 3G network. Orange was the first operator to commercially operate a 4G network in September 2012 and is currently working on "Voice over LTE" technology to carry also voice communication over the 4G network.

2G covers 99.90% of the population in Luxembourg, 3G covering 99.09% and 97.4% currently benefit of 4G coverage. To take advantage of 4G no particular procedure is necesssary. All of Orange's new tariff plans are 4G. If you are still equiped with a 3G SIM card, simply go to an Orange shop and have it replaced, it's free of charge and you'll keep your phone number.

Percentages refer to the population and not to the territory, population densities varying a lot from one part to an other of the Grand-Duchy. Certain places still aren't covered but beside of our own, almost daily tests, we have setup client feedback and densify our network taking into account the input of our clients.

Discover the latest technologies

Find your files at any time with Orange Cloud: The Orange Cloud is a simple and safe way to store, save, synchronise and share your digital content. Don't loose your most valuable souvenirs. Furthermore you'll be able to access your secured space from any device (smartphone, tablet or computer). A minimum of 5GB of storage space are provided to you with the Orange offers.

If this storage isn't enough for you, you can get further space.

Simply activate it on orange.lu

Orange TV: Orange offers you a TV service which includes 100 programms. 6 thematic bundles are available, among them BeTV, ABsat, Luso Cabo, MTV Tune Inn, Imagin X, Sky Welt Paket, Sky Film Paket, Sky Sport Paket and the Fussball Bundesliga Paket in HD and Live broadcast. Vous pouvez ainsi personnaliser votre offre selon vos goûts et vos envies.

Orange offers you cable or internet/fibre TV that allows you to watch your favourite programms on as many televisions of your household as you whish (with Imagin Box HD decoder or additional Cam Modul). Cable connection allows you to connect as many televisions as you like, without deteriorating the image quality on each of them.

Further content, exclusive in Luxembourg, available on Orange TVHD.

Keep your budget under control 

Our offers and options generally provide unlimited use nationally, allowing you to communicate without bothering. A reasonable usage policy is applied, but you still have a lot of freedom, as the thresholds are far above normal usage.

Customer Area: monitor your consumption and get advice to keep your budget tight. Acceess to your Customer Area is free of charge, in Luxembourg as in Europe.

Avantage mobile: take immediatly advantage of a new smartphone with the mobile advantage option. Depending on the smartphone and the tariff plan that suits best to your needs, a monthly supplement on the period of your subscription will allow you to leave the shop with the latest smartphone.

Orange Reprise: Orange takes back your mobile. Simply visit one of our shops and have your mobile estimated. Depending on the model and its condition you can benefit from an immediate rebate or a voucher worth up to 400€.

Overspending information: you'll be informed as soon as your mobile internet consumtion reaches 80% of the flat rate. You can then choose to continue using internet or not. A useful feature when travelling in Europe, out of Luxembourg.

Orange Wednesdays: Orange loves cinema and lets you benefit. On wednesdays one ticket bought = one ticket for free for the person of your choice. To benefit form this offer, simply send Film or Movie by SMS to the number 60352 and present your phone with the received SMS at the counters of one of the following cinemas Kinépolis and Utopia. An other bargain! More information on http://orangewednesdays.lu

Travelling abroad with your mobile: You take advantage of communications in roaming, included in most of the tariff plans, Travel packages are fitted to the length of your stay: daily, weekly or monthly, they allow you to call, send SMS and surf the internet in 42 countries in Europe, without surpises as you activate yourself the package that suits your needs with a simple SMS.

Choice and simplicity


Make your life easier with Love and choose the offer that suits you with TV, a full mobile subscription, internet (fibre according to eligibility) and a landline.

This way, you will receive a single invoice, and you will have just one point of contact for your services.

In addition, so that you can benefit from an internet connection between the signature of the contract and final installation, you will be supplied with an Airbox 4G included, with 25 GB of mobile internet per month for 2 months.

Reliable partners

Orange Luxembourg SA is a major player in the Luxembourg economy. Developing its products and services, Orange concludes partnerships with selected Luxembourgish companies to offer high quality services.

Eltrona Telecom, operating in Luxembourg for 45 years is the partner of choice for Orange TV. Its experience in cable TV and the know-how of its technicians provide a turnkey audiovisual service.

Luxembourg Online, operating in Luxembourg for 15 years is Orange's privileged technical partner providing high speed internet access via copper cable or optical fibre.

The strength of a European group

Orange is one of the leading telecommunication operators in the world. The group is present in some 30 countries and ranges among the top ten worldwide operators. This status allows Orange to set up worldwide agreements, particularly for roaming (communications and mobile internet in an other country). Based on this presence, Orange's Europe zone comprises 42 countries, in which the European tariffs are applied. Through its research centres spread all over the globe an its Technocentre established in France,  Orange offers innovative offers to provide its clients and beyond them the community with new communication and information technologies.